Sheetrock - Patchwork, Etc. Renovation 
by Art Martinez
                                         San Antonio Texas 
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    Ocean Wave Splash is a texture that has been developed by Art Martinez over the years with the combined experience he has had with tradesmen from east and west coast, in which different tools were used to create a texture. He has refine the technique and has been introducing it into bathrooms and kitchens for his clientele. It is becoming an 'increasing favorite' with his clients.    

Ocean Wave splash

Familiar with textures and in different sizes from fine, medium to large.

     Orange peel, Monterrey Knock Down, Sand finish, Skip Trowel, acoustic and I can also remove textures and create a smooth finish.

Acoustic              Sand                    Orange Peel        Orange Peel         Orange Peel       Skip trowel          Monterrey Knock Down

1900 Plaster and wallpaper were used until 1930.

1940 Hand texture was done with a brush and texture is known as the stipple.

1950 The roller was introduce and the texture was rolled on and it was still called the stipple.

1960 Sand finish finally became a sprayed on texture.

1970 Acoustic texture was sprayed on the ceilings.

1980 Orange peel.

1985 Monterrey knock down and wallpaper makes a come back.

1990 Orange peel still going strong.

1995 Trowel texture.

1997 Art Martinez introduces a new trowel texture OCEAN WAVE SPLASH (OCEAN SPLASH)

2000 Orange peel and trowel.  

2009 Art Martinez revises the Ocean Splash into a knock down at a coffee shop in Fair Oaks


                      Ocean Splash knock down

Other textures were created, but only found in a few neighborhoods some were done with a special roller or the pole with a pattern at the end (done in the early 90's )  


Sheetrock-Patchwork ETC. Renovation